How To Give Your Garden A Custom Makeover With A Xeriscaping Design

Posted on: 9 December 2016

The time has come to renovate the garden and you may want to have custom landscaping to improve the look of your home. Today, there are many modern styles that you can choose from for a unique look for your garden, such as xeriscaping and hardscaping. Xeriscape landscaping is the use of plants that are more tolerant to dry weather. If you want to have an interesting landscaping design with living plants, here are some xeriscaping ideas to give your garden a custom look:

1. Mixing Different Plants For Different Seasons And Weather Conditions

The plants that you use in the design of your garden can be selected for the different seasons for a more interesting design. For example, you can use two or more grass seeds to plant a lawn; one that is like wheat for the winter and a more tolerant seed for the summer months. You can also use plants that flower at different times of the year, which will also help change the color of your landscaping as the seasons change.

2. Using A Mixture Of Hardy Shrubs And Hardscaping For A Custom Look

There are many types of shrubs that are hardy and resistant to the effects of dry weather. You may want to consider choosing some more tolerant shrubs to accent flower beds and other features. These can be mixed with hardscaping, like rock gardens and gravel, to give your garden a design that will not be effected by even the driest weather during the summer months. Some mosses can also be good for hardscaping and survive through wet and dry months of the year.

3. Using Dry Desert Plant Varieties For A Drought-Tolerant Garden Design

Desert plants can be another great choice for a garden design that is resistant to droughts. The common plants that you may think of include many cactus and desert shrubs. In addition, there are many types of agave and wild flowers to flourish in the desert and can be a great addition to a xeriscape garden design. If you want a variety of different colors, look for plants that have different flowering patterns and colors.

These are some xeriscaping ideas that you may want to consider to give your garden a custom look. If you are ready to give your garden a makeover with a xeriscape design, contact a landscaping contractor, such as those found at Bourget Bros. Building Materials, and talk with them about some of these ideas for a drought tolerant garden.