Carpet Flooring Could Be The Right Choice For Your Child's Bedroom

Posted on: 18 September 2020

Carpet flooring is a good option for your child's bedroom for several reasons. Carpet is common for bedroom use in general, but it has advantages over other types of flooring when it comes to kids. Here's a look at why you may want carpet flooring in your child's room and how to choose the best kind.

Why Carpet Flooring Is A Good Match For Kids

Carpet is the softest flooring available, and that's a benefit for toddlers learning to walk. If you have hard flooring, such as ceramic tile or travertine in your other rooms, a carpeted bedroom provides a place where your child can learn to walk, run, fall, and play without fear of being hurt by a hard landing.

Carpet also provides traction so the risk of falling is reduced. Carpet is also warm, which is a nice benefit for kids who play or sleep on the floor often. Another benefit of carpet for your child's room is that carpet absorbs noise, so jumping, running, and dropping things on the floor won't create noise that carries through your house.

How To Choose Safe Carpet

All types of flooring emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These gasses are linked to health problems, so you want to reduce them as much as possible. It's not only the flooring that's a problem; it's the backing and glue used in installation that can emit the gasses too.

You can buy carpet with low emissions so it's safer for your child's room. Look for green certification labels that state the carpet is low-VOC. By choosing a non-toxic option, your child can have the safest carpet flooring possible.

How To Choose The Color And Style

Light pastel colors are cute for a child's room, but you have to consider stains and dirt. You might want a darker color so the carpet hides stains better. You could also choose a light color and top it with a colorful area rug that will take most of the abuse from messy playtime.

Thick carpet is the most comfortable, but it might interfere with playing on the floor. You may want carpet fibers suitable for your child to ride over on a wheeled toy or stack blocks on unless you choose to top the carpet with a thick, flat area rug.

Carpet flooring has several benefits for your child, and it has an important benefit for you too: carpet is less expensive than other types of flooring. If you need new flooring on a tight budget, carpet is often the best choice in affordable flooring that makes your home look great.