Why Homeowners Should Hire Professional Designers When Adding Accessory Dwelling Units

Posted on: 16 March 2021

So many homeowners today see the value in accessory dwelling units for their properties. These dwellings provide more space, whether it's for family members or rental opportunities. If you plan on adding one around your home, hiring a professional designer is a smart idea because of several things you'll gain access to.

Access to Legal Construction Knowledge 

Adding accessory dwelling units has to be done a particular way because if it's not, fines will result and the dwelling unit may be deemed unsafe to live in. You thus want to work with a professional designer that has dealt with these dwellings before. 

Their time with these units can give you access to legal construction knowledge that you probably don't know yourself. For instance, the designer will know what locations around your property this dwelling can legally be set up around. They also know what design principles to utilize for ensuring this accessory dwelling unit remains compliant over the years.

Highlight Plans That Are Feasible

You may want a lot of things incorporated into this accessory dwelling unit from a design standpoint, but more than likely, everything you have plans for might not work out. Instead of going in the wrong direction and potentially wasting a bunch of money on things that aren't realistic, hire an accessory dwelling unit designer.

They'll take a look at your ideas and highlight which ones are the most feasible, according to what you can afford and what's actually possible. You can trust their design services will take you on great paths, even though you may have to sacrifice some elements.

Present Models Before Building Starts

A lot of good comes from models, especially when accessory dwelling units are going to be built. When you work with an accessory dwelling unit designer, they can create models physically and digitally. Then you'll be able to see all of the details you discussed with this designer.

Sometimes, seeing elements in models is different than what's planned out on paper. That's a good thing because it ensures you're happy with everything before the building starts. Your designer can walk you through these models too, showing how construction will go step-by-step.

Accessory dwelling units can be added to properties for additional living space. If this renovation sounds perfect for your property, having a designer take you through the planning and building process is a great idea for a better end product. 

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