Are Quartz Countertops What You Think They Are?

Posted on: 6 May 2021

You've probably heard of quartz countertops. What comes to mind when you think about them? Sadly, your thoughts about quartz counters may not be completely accurate or on-point. This is because quartz is often confused with other counter materials and because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. It's always good to know the facts, so here are some thoughts about quartz that aren't quite accurate.

Quartz is a natural stone

Quartz countertops are often lumped in with granite, marble, and soapstone counters. As such, people assume quartz is a natural stone since these other materials are. But actually, quartz is an engineered stone. In other words, it is chunks of stone packed together and held together with a special epoxy. Quartz counters share a lot of qualities with natural stone counters. They're really hard and durable, and they look like, well, stone. However, the fact that they are engineered means they come in more colors and patterns, and it also makes them more affordable than the other counter options mentioned above.

Quartz counters are basically indestructible

People buy quartz because they know it is durable, but sometimes, they make the mistake of assuming it is indestructible. Quartz can stand up to heat, and it won't break or crack if you drop a dish on it. However, you do want to avoid hitting it with something hard and heavy like a hammer. And you don't want to use any really strong, corrosive cleaners on it, since these can ruin the shiny finish. Most people will not ruin a quartz counter with normal, everyday use, though.

Quartz counters need annual sealing

Maybe you've heard that you have to have your quartz counters sealed every year. This is true of some natural stone counters. However, one advantage of quartz is that it does not need to be sealed. This is because of the epoxy resin matrix. Water will bead up on the quartz, and it should not develop any stains. You only need to clean the quartz with a gentle, non-abrasive countertop cleaner once a day. It does not need any other maintenance.

Hopefully, you now know a little more about quartz countertops. If you like the look of these counters — and what's not to like — then talk to a vendor in your area. They can show you some samples of various colors and patterns that might look nice in your kitchen.