Porch Ideas to Give Your Home Renovations Interesting Outdoor Spaces

Posted on: 18 December 2020

If you want to add porch spaces to your home, there are a lot of things that can be done with these projects. They can include covered, enclosed, and open outdoor spaces for your home. The additional porches will give you more functional spaces for your outdoor use. The following porch ideas will help you create the space you want for your home's outdoor areas: Covered Porch Areas For Entryways
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What To Know About Bathtub Refinishing

Posted on: 17 December 2020

While replacing a bathtub may seem straightforward, that's not always the case. There's a lot more to it than just choosing a new tub. You also have to remove trim work, move the plumbing, and replace the flooring and the surround. All of this work can cost you thousands of dollars. If you are looking for a more economical solution, bathtub refinishing may be the right choice. Here are three things you should know.
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Portable Storage For Construction Materials

Posted on: 16 December 2020

If you oversee several construction projects each year, building materials are constantly replenished and exhausted and you may have different storage requirements, depending upon the location of a project or the timeframe in which various parts of a project are going to be conducted. Portable storage racks can aid in keeping your materials organized and racks won't take up valuable space when they are not being utilized. Sturdier Than Pallets 
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Concrete Slab Preparation and Pouring Tips for a Durable Patio

Posted on: 15 December 2020

A concrete pad for a patio slab is essential when you spend time in your backyard enjoying the sunshine and weather, grilling for friends and family, or working on your landscaping.  A well-built concrete patio will provide a solid and level surface that is free of dirt and mud and looks great as a result. Here are some tips to consider as you install a concrete patio slab on your property.
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